Photography: Random

Title: Random

Media: Photography

Approximate date: 2008-2009:)

Some are taken when I went to Kuala Lumpur last year. I just got my dslr camera then, so a lot of photos are in experimental stage.:)


Coursework Part 2

Phase 2 of my work, from September to January:)

Coursework Part 1

Photos used for my coursework.

These are the photos from December to October, phase one in my life.

Keywords: Kindergaten, Piano, Childhood

Photography: CCA

Title: My CCA

Media: Photography

Approximate date: Feb to jun 2008

CCA photos for last year. Some are auditorium rehearsals:) I love the light on the stage:)

Photography: Food

Food pictures:)

Some of the colours are quite nice…maybe I should consider a job like this?

Photography: China Part 3

Title: China

Media: Photography

Approximate date: Dec 2008

Here goes series 3 of China photos 🙂


1. I like the train/tram/whatever you call it:) And the forth picture is simply wonderful! I think it is perfect:)

For the first photo, you may want to take a more close-up of the train/tram? After all that is your main subject. But I like the trees that seems to tower above the train too:) And I think you should balance your photo, as in right now as I look at it, it is slightly tilted, especially when you at the ground. From my experience, the photo will really look much nicer if it is symmetrical or balanced.

For the last photo, it looks quite nice, but I was wondering, are you trying to take the sky or the path or the both? If you want to take the path, you may want to try squat lower and take a portait photo, and vice versa if you want to focus on the sky. 

2.  Great photos taken.
One suggestion though. Unless nanyang is what you intend to include in your theme, which I think it it not, you should try not to involve unrelated objects in your photo. It will confuse the viewers. This is what I leaernt from my coursework…:)

3.  Oh I like this design alot!!! Wish I were at the camp…
I think it is good to use the 中国结 in your design. It is essentially China:) And I like how you intertwine the words with the 中国结.

However, you may consider also adding a Western touch to it. After all, it is a bicultural camp. And I think the behind should be more complicated. Maybe you can use the 中国结 again? Somehow…

4. Nice photos there:) Love the piano ones.
Actually, just to make it more perfect, watch out for the lighting. Or you can just use Photoshop and adjust the lighting. I like the lighting in your photo in the third row and the last one too. A nice and warm feeling to it:) So you may want to ahieve this type of lighting for the rest of your photos:)

5.I think some of the drawings are better than others because they seem to have the “flow”. What I mean is that some of your dresses look to rigid and hard, and lack of the 轻飘飘 feel(sorry had to use chinese coz I dunnot how to explain).

Other than that, I think the proportionals are alright. Maybe next time you can try drawing the model too? Having someone to wear the cloth may make it easier to draw the 轻飘飘feel.

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